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We are a small, creative film and multimedia studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Since our founding in 2009, we have been offering our services in many areas related to video and film production, post-production, advertising, visual effects and multimedia production. We have a lot of fun and enjoy creating impressive images, great stories, moving emotions and exciting sounds. We're happy to be able to deliver an ever-growing level of quality through high-quality equipment and new experiences.

Our service often does not just end with the moving image, because with additional skills and experience in the areas of programming, web, games, print, multimedia and event technology, we see ourselves as generalists who can also deliver multi-layered complete multimedia packages.

We work with partners and talented filmmakers from all over the world and look forward to working with you too.

Our history

How it all started...

Our interest in film goes back in part to our childhood. Later, as teenagers, we made animated short films using computer games and always had a huge enthusiasm for telling stories with pictures. As convinced Christians, it became important to us even then to share our faith through film. In 2009, when we filmed Kornis school graduation ceremony (technical high school in Schwäbisch Gmünd) with four cameras to have a souvenir of the evening, we had the idea of ​​continuing to do similar projects alongside our studies. So to do things right, we found ourselves a few days later at the local trade office to register a business as Composite Media GbR. After a few multi-camera videos of graduations, band performances and weddings, we found more and more joy in the work. Gradually we were able to purchase our own equipment so that we were not dependent on the availability of rental equipment. Our spectrum then expanded to include advertising videos, cinema advertising, subtitle translations and video productions of all kinds.

The road to film and visual effects…

From 2012 we finally began to focus more on the subject of visual effects, compositing and animation. After completing his bachelor's degree in media informatics in 2013, Korni took the wonderful opportunity that was presented to him to deepen his knowledge of film at the Stuttgart Media University and began his master's degree. Our desire to work on scenic film productions grew steadily, and so did our dream of eventually producing our own narrative films with relevant messages. We got some wonderful opportunities to work on the visual effects for quite a few short, feature and even feature films. Our first big VFX project was the 2014 American Christian movie Beyond the Mask. Other films such as Polycarp and Woodlawn followed shortly thereafter. In 2016, Korni finally received his master's degree. In 2017 we got the opportunity to do the complete visual effects and CG work for the German Mannaplace short film "Kannst du mich hören?" ("Can you hear me?"). Various other projects such as cinema spots, real estate videos, wedding films, advertising videos, websites and much more have accompanied us over the years.

What we're doing today...

We are now happy to be able to offer a relatively wide range of film, video and post-production services and to be able to deliver an ever-increasing level of quality through high-quality equipment and growing experience. In addition, our service often does not just end with moving images. With additional skills and experience in the areas of programming, web, games, signage, print and event technology, we see ourselves as generalists who can deliver multi-layered multimedia packages. We are very grateful for what developed out of the spontaneous idea and what we were able to experience and learn through our work. But we are even more excited about what lies ahead. Especially in the field of film, we are very excited to see what else awaits us. With all the interesting experiences we were able to make, it still gives us the greatest pleasure when the client is just as enthusiastic about the result as we are. 

What's next...

As convinced and enthusiastic Christians, it has been important to us from the very beginning to invest our work in God's kingdom. We want to support films that tell stories of hope and share the good news of God's love. Our big dream is still to get our own film projects off the ground. Since 2019, this dream has come within reach and there is a separate project that we are currently working on. In addition, since 2021 we have our new, well-equipped suite where we can be even more creative and effective in the future.

After we filmed the prom of the TG Schwäbisch Gmünd with four cameras, we came up with the idea of ​​continuing to do similar projects alongside our studies. To do things right, we found ourselves a few days later at the office to register business as Composite Media GbR.
Graduation ceremonies, band gigs, wedding videos
For the first time, we made numerous multi-camera recordings of graduation ceremonies, band performances and weddings alongside our studies and we found more and more joy in our work. Other video projects and two cinema commercials soon followed.
Our first feature film VFX project: Remember
In 2012 we had our very first VFX project to which we were allowed to contribute three shots: "Remember", a Canadian Christian independent film. Our interest in visual effects work was aroused at this point.
Big project, big team: Beyond the Mask
The biggest visual effects project so far: Beyond the Mask. An American Christian adventure film where we were part of a large team of numerous VFX artists from USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. We were able to contribute just over 30 shots to the total of around 700 shots.
Woodlawn was the next visual effects project after Beyond the Mask and is still one of our favorite projects to this day. A massive film that tells a true story of racism, love, forgiveness and revival in a 1970's Alabama high school. Here we contributed about 10 shots.
Kannst Du mich hören?
Another milestone for us was the VFX work for the Christian short film/music video "Kannst du mich hören?" by Mannaplace. Because here we were completely responsible for the planning, supervision and implementation of the visual effects for the first time. The numerous complex CG shots and some 2D compositing also gave us many exhausting night shifts.
I Still Believe
With "I Still Believe" we were allowed to contribute VFX shots to a cinema film for the first time, which was shown in cinemas not only in the USA but also in Germany. Here we worked on the compositing for three autoshots that were filmed in front of a blue screen.
The new studio is ready for use
After a long time of working as a nomad, we finally (almost) finished our new studio in 2021. Many hours of work flowed into the creative cave of our dreams. We finally have a permanent home again where you can get started with creative work right away. Two high-end workstations, central 24 TB storage with 10 gigabit network, acoustic cinema screen and 4K projector, surround audio monitoring, fully automated and a cozy coffee corner with popcorn machine.
Legacy Peak & Wholehearted Pictures
A new visual effects project opened up in 2022, the Affirm Originals / PureFlix film: "Legacy Peak". But there was also another birth in 2022: We (Stefan, Korni and his wife Tabea) together with other supporters founded the non-profit association "Wholehearted Pictures e.V." to realize our first own (Christian and non-profit) short film "[W]holehearted". Funding for the film project is currently in progress.