Kornelius Scheel
Kornelius Scheel
  • Born 1989
  • Focus Writing, Directing, Producing, Editing, VFX
  • Degree Master of Arts (electronic media)
  • Languages German, English
  • Interests God, film production, American football, aviation
  • Hobbies BBQ & grilling, travelling, bicycle, watching movies
My Story

Kornelius has had an immense interest in film production since childhood. After he registered his business as Composite Media GbR together with his best friend Stefan Friedel in 2009, the two initially started with smaller video productions, event and wedding videos. However, her focus quickly switched to visual effects. In recent years they have had the opportunity to work on visual effects for numerous short and feature films such as I Still Believe (USA, 2020), Woodlawn (USA, 2016) and Beyond the Mask (USA, 2014). .

When Kornelius finally got a master’s degree at the Stuttgart Media University in 2013 after completing his bachelor’s degree in media informatics, it was confirmed once again that film is exactly his thing. During this time he learned a lot about storytelling, film design, staging and production and finally received his master's degree in 2016.

Above all, Kornelius loves creative work with image and sound and also enjoys working with visual effects.

My videos
  • 2024
    The Forge as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2024
    The Part of Me as Visual Effects Supervisor
  • 2023
    Birthright as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2022
    Legacy Peak as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2020
    I Still Believe as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2020
    A Blood Throne as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2019
    The Chosen as Volunteer Production Assistant (1 week)
  • 2017
    Kannst du mich hören? as Visual Effects Supervisor
  • 2016
    The Scent of Her Soul as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2015
    Woodlawn as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2015
    Polycarp as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2015
    Beyond the Mask as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2015
    La Surréelle (Short Film) as Visual Effects Artist / Dolly Operator
  • 2012
    Remember as Visual Effects Artist
  • 2012
    The Victor Marx Story as Übersetzer: Untertitel (Deutsch)
  • 2012
    Useless (Short Film) as Übersetzer: Untertitel (Deutsch)