Tuesday, August 16, 2022
  • Compositing & Visual FX
    Compositing & Visual FX
    It is always a great pleasure for us to do 2D compositing, motion tracking, set extensions, motion graphics and cleanups. In addition to some private and commercial projects, we had the honor to contribute to the VFX of the Christian films "Beyond the Mask", "Polycarp: Destroyer of Gods" and "Remember".
  • Film and DVD Translation
    Film and DVD Translation
    It's our desire to make English movies with good and relevant messages also available in German. Therefore we're always up for translating and creating subtitles and, if applicable, dubbed audio version.
  • Cinema Adverisments
    Cinema Adverisments
    Cinema Advertisments are a rather affordable method to reach a large number of people. We are able offer the complete production of your digital cinema adveristment, in Full-HD, 2k or 4k resolution.
  • AV post production
    AV post production
    Digital post production for independent films as well as audio and video productions, including film and video editing, multicamera editing, sound mixing and color correction, DVD and BD authoring.
  • Own films
    Own films
    We're working towards our first own (short-)film project. We want to communicate inspirational messages and Christian values. At the moment we're working on a script and continue writing as time allows. As soon we have any news, we'll inform you in our blog.
  • Wedding Films
    Wedding Films
    Only available in Germany.

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Welcome to our website. We are a small, creative media studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany. Since 2009, we're offering our services in various film and media post production disciplines. Feel free to browse through our website and learn more about us.

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Our new studio is almost finished!

Our new studio is almost finished!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen our regular timelapse videos: Our new studio is making great progress. In the last few weeks we've really speeded...

22-05-2021 Kornelius Scheel

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VFX project completed - in theaters Marc…

VFX project completed - in theaters March 13 (USA) and May 28 (Germany)

This year we can look forward to something very special: The first time a film we've been working on is also coming to cinemas here in Germany! :-) In the past few...

16-03-2020 Kornelius Scheel

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New VFX project: "Kannst du mich hö…

New VFX project: "Kannst du mich hören?"

We are very happy to announce a new project that we will contribute for the rest of the year: „Kannst du mich hören“ (eng. "Can You Hear Me") is an...

16-09-2016 Kornelius Scheel

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