What we do

Film and video production

We produce your video or film project from the script to publication. Whether it's a commercial, image film, short film, product video, event video, documentary film, introduction video, explanatory video and much more.

Visual effects

We love VFX! Whether it's 2D/3D compositing, keying, rotoscoping, 2D/3D tracking, set extensions, CG integration, clean-ups. In addition to a few smaller projects, we have been able to contribute a number of VFX shots to several Christian feature films, some of which have won awards.

Animation & CG

We can also offer numerous services in the field of computer graphics and animation. Basic 3D modeling, shading, fluid simulation, animation and rendering are part of the portfolio as well as 2D animation, title animations, motion graphics and kinetic typography.

Post production

Digital post-production for film, audio and video productions. In our versatile multimedia studio, we can cover a wide range of post-production work, from editing (online/offline, multi-camera) to color correction, color grading, sound design, transcoding, DVD/Blu-Ray authoring.

Cinema advertisements

Cinema advertising is a relatively cheap way to reach a lot of people. We offer you the complete production of your cinema spot in full HD, 2k or 4k resolution and 5.1 surround sound up to the finished DCP. Whether motion graphics, animation or real film.

Wedding film

Modern and elegant blockbuster style wedding films. We accompany your wedding professionally and unobtrusively with several cameras and capture your big day in a cinematic film with individual storytelling and powerful images. More information is available on our wedding page.

Audio post production

What would a film be without sound? Sound design and audio mixing (5.1 surround / stereo) are therefore an important part of our work. By working with experienced external film music composers, we can also offer tailor-made music compositions for your film or video project.

Digital content & multimedia

While our main passion is film, there is often more to it than that. Other services such as graphic design, the creation of entire websites or print media complement our portfolio. With skills and experience in the fields of programming, digital signage, games and event technology, we can also implement complex multimedia projects.