Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Our services...

Compositing and visual fx

It's always great fun to work on 2D compositing, motion tracking, CG, set extension, cleanups and motion graphics. Besides a few private and commercial projects, we had the chance to contribute 34 VFX shots to the Christian feature film "Beyond the Mask" (2014). 

Film and DVD translations

It is our desire to make English movies with good and relevant messages available in German. Therefore we're always up for translating and creating subtitles and, if applicable, dubbed audio version.

Audio/video post production

We offer digital post production for independent films as well as other video and multimedia productions, including scenic and documentary editing, multi camera editing, audio mixing and color correction.

Wedding film in high definition

Modern and elegant wedding films in what we call the "blockbuster style". This service is currently only available in Germany.

Own films

We're working towards our first own (short-)film project. We want to communicate inspirational messages and Christian values. At the moment we're missing a theme and a story, but as soon we have news concerning this, we'll inform you in our blog.

Animation & Motion Graphics

We enjoy to take care of jobs like 2D animation, motion graphics or kinetic typography, working with Adobe Illustrator, After Effect and Blender. Furthermore we offer also 3D modelling and 3D animation on a limited range.

DVD & BD authoring

Our authoring services include video transcoding for DVD or Blu-Ray Disc, menu design, creating multiple audio and subtitle tracks and extended bonus features and DVD scripting.










































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Live Production

We are now also offering live webcasts (at the moment maximum three cameras). We're working with a software based vision mixer, which enables us mix live cameras, video, image and DVD playback, lower third graphics and various live sources all from one place. Our live production services is limited to Germany only.

Cinema Advertisments

Cinema Advertisments are a rather affordable method to reach a large number of people. We are able offer the complete production of your digital cinema adveristment, in either Full-HD, 2k or 4k resolution and Surround Sound. Motion graphics, animation or live action - there are plenty of possibilities.

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